2012 Thanksgiving

Pictures of our 2012 Thanksgiving Family Reunion
  • CIMG0001  Kathy, Jim, Alex
  • CIMG0002  Mark and Kathy
  • CIMG0003  Tables setup in the garage. Champagne on the counter.
  • CIMG0004  Linda is joining the over 60 crowd.
  • CIMG0005  Laura has her mouth open talking to Sammy. Why am I not surprised.
  • CIMG0006  Kari and Suzie
  • CIMG0007  Now they are looking at the camera.
  • CIMG0008  Bruce joins the party.
  • CIMG0009  Jon, Wendy and family.
  • CIMG0010  gathering for the big picture out front.
  • CIMG0011  Still wandering.
  • CIMG0012  Lots of people.
  • CIMG0013  One last group shot.
  • CIMG0014  Lisa in the backgroun and Kasie up front.
  • CIMG0015  Shannon, Don and Marsha.
  • CIMG0017  The Stockwells.
  • CIMG0019  Dessert is served by Donna.