Oct 20 thru 30- Mexican Riviera - Grand Princess Grand Princess.

Itinerary and Overview

Grand Princess
Mexican Itinerary
  • Mon - Depart San Pedro 4PM
  • Tue - San Diego 7AM - 4PM
  • Wed - At Sea
  • Thu - Cabo San Luas 9AM - 5PM
  • Fri - La Paz 7AM - 5PM
  • Sat - Lareto 7AM - 6PM
  • Sun - At Sea
  • Mon - Puerto Vallarta 8AM - 5PM
  • Tue - At Sea
  • Wed - At Sea
  • Thu - San Pedro 7AM

A Mexican Riviera cruise in October. We were traveling with our friends Rick and Judy. Judy hit a Royal Flush on the slots for $1,150. What Fun!. Loreto and La Paz are new ports for us. Weather was very hot but we had a great time.
Our waiter was Ronaldo and assistant was Carlos. They must have been new together since service was very poor the first few nights. Eventually they worked out a successful routine and the service was great the last 3 nights of the cruise.
I was still recovering from my fractured foot so we had to cancel our snorkeling outing. We did try the Chef's Table. This was a special dinner hosted by the ship's Maitre'd and the head chef. First they paraded us through the dining room in white smocks and into the kitchen. There we had champagne and several appetizers. After that we could ditch the smocks and out to special tables in the Michelangelo Dining Room. There we had a wonderful meal with different wines included. A bit pricey but a lot of fun.

Cruise Formal Photo